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The Principle Of Laser Hair Removal
by Rachel Stepsen

The principle of laser hair removal revolves around the
principle of light radiation. The concept of laser hair
removal is simple to understand.

Laser Hair Removal involves the use of light energy for the
removal of hair. The basic principle of laser hair removal
is that the dark objects absorb light. The laser will
selectively target hair or the hair root and burn it.

This is possible only when the target area is darker than
the surrounding skin. The dark target area is called
chromophore and it can be created artificially or is found
naturally on the skin.

Natural chromophores are melanin and hemoglobin. Melanin is
a pigment that gives color to the hair. Hemoglobin is what
gives red color to the blood. Carbon is an artificial

Carbon is introduced into the skin by rubbing a carbon-
based lotion into the skin after waxing. The principle of
laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis. The laser
hair removal treatment is also called phototricholysis or

There are certain technical parameters that determine the
effectiveness of the laser hair removal process.

* Pulse widths - Studies have established that longer pulse
widths are more effective for laser hair removal process
and have fewer side effects.

* Width of the laser beam - The width of the laser beam
determines the efficacy of laser hair removal process. The
width of the laser beam should be four times as wide as the
depth of the target.

* Repetition - Repetitions of the laser hair removal
process is necessary for lasting solutions against the
problem of laser hair removal. Usually two or three pulses
of light have to be targeted for efficient removal of hair.

Cooling is a necessary ingredient of laser hair removal
process. Cooling of the skin is done along with the laser
treatment in order to prevent pain and reduce the side
effects of the hair removal process.

Use of clear gel, contact cooling, cryogen spray and air-
cooling are the various types of cooling methods for laser
hair removal. The color of the hair is an important factor
in the principle of laser hair removal.

Laser works effectively only on relatively dark hair, that
is present among lighter surroundings. This is because
light energy is absorbed only by the darker area, making
selective absorption of the light energy efficient. This
removes the hair without affecting the nearby skin.
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Rachel Stepsen suffered hair loss from her mid-20's. In an
effort to find treatment, Rachel learned all there is to
know about hair. Although she tried to prevent hair loss,
she also learned all about hair removal. She's written a
series of articles to help others learn about hair, and
permanent hair removal

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