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Shaving Your Pubic Hair
by Jim De Fazio

Are you looking for more heightened sexual pleasure, ways to add spice back into a relationship or to just feel a little naughty? Then you may want to look into the latest sexual sensation for men and women and that is shaving your pubic hair.

This is a way for both men and women to experience added pleasure. As one person described it “It’s like being extra naked”. It increases sensitivity, helps to eliminate unwanted odor and makes a statement that neither sex can refuse.

There are three basic ways to remove pubic hair

Waxing is without a doubt the most painful of the three. Unfortunately, it is not a permanent solution so you have to endure that pain over and over again. Waxing is the process whereby you apply either a thin layer of wax or use a strip of special adhesive paper on your pubic area and then, you guessed it, yank it off and pull the hair out.

Laser hair removal is the most costly of the three. It is also permanent. There is no turning back once the hair has been lased. This procedure can easily run into the hundreds of dollars if not more depending on how big an area you are having done. Laser works by shooting a beam of light down the shaft of the hair to the root which then kills the root thus eliminating further hair growth.

Shaving your pubic hair can be done by two different methods. There is the old fashioned razor and shaving cream method or the newest method of shaving and that is with battery charged razors designed specifically for hair removal in sensitive areas.

Shaving with a regular razor can be very scary and extremely dangerous if you are not really careful. This method, more often than not, leaves red bumps and can irritate the skin in these sensitive areas.

In contrast using the specially designed razors it is practically impossible to hurt yourself and leaves no red bumps or irritation. These razors are designed with a micro-screen head and rotary blades that leave you totally smooth. They are safe for both men and women to use on any sensitive areas. Also available with these pubic hair shavers are pubic hair stencils that give you the ability to express your creativity and playfulness. There are arrows, stars, hearts and flower designs just to mention a few.

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