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  • New Book Helps Men To Create Their Own Personal Care Products

    For Immediate Release

    Ololade Franklin
    The Franklin and Franklin Company
    PO Box 6271, Vancouver, WA 98668
    Internet: http://www.MakingGoodScents.com

    New Book Helps Men To Create Their Own Personal Care Products


  • Transitioning - Relaxed to Natural


    Going from relaxed hair to natural hair is a process that involves patience, love and dedication. This is the time you decide you no longer want to relax your hair. At this point, you are "transitioning".

    During this period,

  • How Do I Compare?

    Body image is a big issue for some and a small issue for others...but it is an issue of some kind for almost everybody.

    Some people feel they are too wide. Others feel they are too thin. Some are too bald. Others too graying. Some too tall. Others

  • Go Ahead...Rearrange My Face!

    Go Ahead...Rearrange My Face!
    By David Leonhardt

    I've been known to be somewhat opinionated. Oops. My wife just caught that typo. I am told I have been known to be VERY opinionated. I have at least two opinions on just about every topic. I am su


    Believe me, today is the most wonderful day of your life! You live in today; drink, dine, walk, talk, work and play today. Living today is not enough, make it a wonderful day for you.

    In order to make your today a wonderful day, get up from the bed

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